About Us

Welcome to BasementShirts!

We are a Chicago based company that makes t shirts. We started off in our parents basement in 2011 by making t shirts as a hobby, and who knew that people actually wanted to buy them! From there, basementshirts was born.

We constantly add new items to our store, which is easier for us to do because we print all of our items made to order. We put a special kind of love into each and every one of our t shirts. We like to use a lot of tri-blend material as well as cotton blends , which is the absolute softest material on the planet. Add in a vintage style print and you have a shirt you won’t ever want to take off. Regardless, you aren’t going to find a shirt in this store that feels like cardboard. Only grade A stuff here!

We have a little something for everyone. Our love for Chicago and dogs can't be ignored. 
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